Jetson Junior Kids Electric Bike - $349.00                                     

There's the old way to get around and there's the new way to get around.

On behalf of all the excited children everywhere, Jetson Electric Bikes would like to welcome our newest and most adventurous member of the family – meet “Jetson Jr.” !! Jetson Jr. is our 100% Electric, 100% Eco-Friendly new mode of transportation for kids! Whether indoor or outdoor, at the park or in your backyard, Jetson Jr. is non-stop fun and excitement for both boys and girls.

At Jetson Bike, we love our planet earth and think you should also!

Take pride in knowing that your child is getting an early start on saving the environment from wasted pollutants & carbon emissions found in gas powered similar products.

With over 10 styles and colors to choose from, Jetson Jr. is the perfect gift for all occasions!

Just as safe and easy as riding this Kids Bike – is charging it!

Powered by a rechargeable 24V Battery, simply plug the charger in to a standard wall outlet and give it about 5 hours for full juice !!

Built with durable aluminum wheels, our Jetson Jr. is safe, sturdy, and stops immediately by using the brakes.

With a maximum speed of 10-12MPH, and with 10 Miles per charge, this bike is just the right amount of fun and entertainment.

Have a blast and enjoy the ride!!



Weight: 33.2 lbs

Length: 37.4 in

Width: 11.2 in

Height: 20.5 in

Wheelbase: 25 in

Height Above Ground: 3.5 in

Seat Height: 13.4 in


Tech Specs

Top Speed: 10-12 MPH

Range: 10 miles per charge

Motor Type: Brushless

Motor Output: 250W



Battery Type: 24 Volt Lead Acid

Battery Voltage: 24V (12V x 2)

Battery Capacity: 7Ah

Recharge Time: 4 hours

Jetson Junior Kids Electric Bike

The Jetson Junior offers max speeds of 6 or 12 mph - 10 miles per charge


  • 100 % Fully Electric Kids E-Bike
  • Top speed of 12 MPH; 10 mile range per charge with a 4 hour charge time
  • Easy Hand-Twist Throttle with Battery Charge Indicator
  • Adjustable Handlebars
  • Simple to use On/Off Toggle Switch
  • Fun Fashion Colors and Prints
  • Heavy Duty Tires for Indoor and Outdoor use

Not all colors may be in stock and available - Please contact us to inquire.